Onas Entertainment

Onas Entertainment is a multimedia content, talent management and live events production division of Onas International Inc. Our sole purpose is to exploit full spectrum of revenue opportunities available in all media platforms on behalf of our clienteles. We are well renowned for generating and increasing revenues from digital content, through various platforms including webpage development, social platform management, monetization and search engine optimization.

Our extensive portfolio of services includes;

  • Digital Asset, Copyright and Licensing Management
  • Global Tour Management and Logistic Support
  • Profile Management
  • Press Release and Promotions
  • Image Consulting
  • Media Productions (Print/ Audio & Video)
  • Financial Portfolio and Global Asset Management
  • Live Events Staging and Productions
  • Web Streaming

With our full-time team of seasoned professionals and our close ties with leading entertainers and key resources worldwide and capable of delivering turn-key solutions, unsurpassed by any other company.

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Get your music placed in TV & commercials

An ever-increasing demand for media and the explosion in opportunities online and via mobile mean that, from TV and radio broadcasts to commercials and video games, the demand for music is greater than ever before.

World-leading synch licensing platform

Onas Entertainment provides non-exclusive sync licensing support to our artists and label partners. Record labels and artists that partner with us benefit from our creative and well-connected licensing team. Our licensing department works with top music supervisors, ad agencies and game developers to license songs from the catalog. We operate the leading synch licensing platform in Africa, working with many agencies and brands on the continent.

Video syndication for music videos

We have also structured video syndication opportunities for your music videos. We have access to many TV channels and new digital video services in Africa and around the world, helping your videos reach new audiences across Africa and generating new revenue streams.


We chase the money you’re owed

With new digital music services launching almost by the day, and with the usage of music increasing worldwide, the number of income opportunities is increasing for artists and writers. But more revenue streams mean a big increase in complexity. Tracking the performance of your music worldwide and making sure that it is being accurately reported requires state of the art technology and a dedicated team of experts.

Get revenues from publishing & neighboring rights

Africori offers artists and producers the opportunity to generate new incomes such as publishing and neighboring rights from the exploitation of your music and videos on digital platforms, radios and on YouTube.

Transparent and thorough

Our team proactively detects missing income, scans statements for deviations and follows-up with the income sources in order to ensure writers and artists are paid accurately.

The new frontier

Working closely with new digital stores and collecting societies in Africa, we are perfectly positioned to collect the growing revenues from the continent.

Music Distribution

Sell your music on all the major stores

We deliver music to over 200 outlets in Africa and around the world. Onas worldwide distribution network includes a diverse selection of digital download stores, such as iTunes, Amazon and Google Play, audio and video streaming services, such as Spotify, Deezer and YouTube, and mobile services, such as Rancard and Tavoom. Take a look at the full list of stores

We are your true experts in the African market

On average, 70% of all music consumed in Africa is local. Our expertise in the African market can help you maximize the money your music earns from the people who appreciate it most, while our infrastructure across the continent makes us perfectly placed for working closely with all our artists.

Move with mobile – reach African audiences other distributors can’t

With over 90% of music consumption in Africa coming from mobile devices, we understand the need to get your music on the services that reach this audience. We have direct relationships with and deliver to numerous mobile stores, apps and telecom operators working in Africa, meaning your music will be available to huge new audiences.

Fast, clean and stress-free

From audio re-encoding and metadata ingestion to image cleaning and catalog preparation, we take care of the whole digitization process. Getting your music in stores and selling with Onas is easier than ever.

No upfront costs

Start selling your music with us for absolutely no initial cost. Sign up for worldwide digital distribution with Onas Entertainment today.

Our Network of distribution, stores, and services:

  • biNu
  • Deezer
  • iTunes
  • Kleek
  • Mdundo
  • MixRadio
  • MTN Music
  • Nokia Ovi
  • Rancard
  • rdio
  • 24/7 Musicshop
  • 7Digital
  • Amazon
  • AMI Entertainment Network
  • Amoeba Music
  • Anghami
  • Arvato Mobile
  • Aspiro Music
  • Audible.de
  • Base Point Media
  • 7Digital
  • Acer
  • Akazoo
  • Amazon
  • Artistxite
  • Aspiro Music
  • Axwave
  • Beat.no
  • Beatport
  • CCI Distribution
  • CrowdTunes
  • Deezer
  • Dial by iam+
  • eMusic
  • Forest Incentives
  • FUHU
  • Global Radio
  • Google Play Music
  • Gracenote
  • Guvera
  • Hitparade
  • HMV
  • HTC One
  • IMI Mobile
  • iTunes
  • KKBox
  • Kobo
  • La Musica
  • Last FM
  • Mach by Mariposa
  • Mi Tracks
  • MixRadio
  • MixPixie
  • Moodagent
  • Musical.ly
  • MusicGraph
  • MusicKiosk NEC
  • MusicQubed
  • Omnifone
  • Onkyo
  • Open Live
  • Overmax
  • OVI
  • Playster
  • Pledge
  • PPL
  • Raku
  • RDIO
  • Rithm
  • ROK Mobile
  • Sainsburys
  • Shazam
  • Simfy
  • Soundcloud
  • SoundExchange
  • Soundhound
  • Soundmouse
  • Spotify
  • StationDigital
  • Technics Tracks
  • The Overflow
  • Tonspion
  • Traxsource
  • Trebel
  • Triplay
  • Tunesat
  • Tunewiki
  • Vevo
  • VidZone
  • YouTube
  • YouTube Red


Mailing Address/ Contact Info:

Onas Entertainment
530C Alameda Del Prado, Suite 114
Ignacio, CA 94949
Telephone: (415) 323-5601
Email: info@onasevents.com

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